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Ash Dieback confirmed at 8 sites in Kent


Ash Dieback (C. Fraxinea) has now been confirmed at 8 sites across Kent after an urgent government survey.

It is thought the disease could have been present for some time and that spores may have blown in on the wind from the continent.

The disease has potentially very serious consequences for the Ash tree population in this country and parallels have been drawn with the catastrophic Dutch Elm Disease of the 60's and 70's.

Our blog posting here gives a wider perspective on the disease and its implications for the future. 

The Arboricultural Association has also issued a press release with important information and guidence on identification and how to report suspected cases here; http://www.trees.org.uk/aa/news/IMPORTANT-Information-regarding-Ash-Dieback-107.html

It is very important that suspected cases are reported so for tree owners who are unsure or concerned about correctly identifying suspected cases, we are now offering a completely free site visit and disease identification service, please contact us via the contact page to arrange an appointment.